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Project Description
The BetterImageProcessor libraries contain classes to edit images, an image handler and web controls to edit images on the fly inside your web application. It has a lot of functionality built in(transforms, caching, retrievers) and the library is fully extensible.


The code is fully extensible. You can inject your own:
  • Image Transformations
    • This allows for custom transformation that are applied on the fly.
  • Output Cache Providers
    • This allows for custom output caching of resized / transformed images and their metadata.
  • Image Retrievers
    • This allows for custom storage locations for your images. You can store them in a SQL Server Database, SharePoint or a compeltely different web site for example. A DBImageRetriever and SPImageRetriever are included as samples.

I did remove the javascript controls from the previous version. There are SO MANY jQuery plugins out there that it was useless to keep these controls in there. In the download you'll find an example of how to use a jQuery plugin in combination with this library to create an image viewer.

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